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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Every Cloud

The other morning I got up early.  Not just a little bit early but really, really early!  I wanted to try and get to the gym when it opened at 5am.  I was successful and pretty chuffed with myself.  However whoever was supposed to open the said gym at 5am had not got up really, really early and so the place was clothed in darkness with only some sleepy eyed gym addicts waiting patiently in their reeboks outside the front door.  I waited with them for five, then ten, then fifteen minutes.  Still that gym employee must have slumbered on and I started to feel cross.  Why had I bothered?  I could have stayed snuggled up warm and cosy in my bed.  It was pretty cold that morning!  I looked to the sky and saw a sliver of pink streaking itself across the ebony and knew that daybreak was nearby  ready to do her shift.  I decided at that moment to head towards the beach for a run.  I was in my gym kit, up and awake so why not?  I don't particularly like running but hey I am doing Tough Mudder in a couple of weeks and the Sunshine Coast 10k for charity.  I need to get in some k's on the tarmac!  Well I ended up down at Golden Beach and all was still and dark.  Hardly a soul was around and it was a little nerve racking running along alone but as I did the sky slowly awoke with the most amazing colours to lead me along the coastal path and encourage me on my way.  It was so very much worth the effort and with Mumford and Sons in my ears and a backdrop of utter breathtaking beauty who could ever hold it against that slumbering gym employee?  Not me!  I experienced euphoria that morning thanks to them!  My cloud sure had a silver lining with the sunrise that I witnessed.  Nature never fails to deliver and another lesson for me in that just because our plans don't go as planned does not mean that whatever else comes up won't be as good, if not better than what we had in mind.

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