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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Self trust....

Oh I just love this. I think for so many of us doubts, insecurities, arguments against what we are doing, fear and a whole load of negativity can sometimes creep in when we choose to take a less mainstream approach to life. It is sometimes hard to go against the tide. It has been for me at times when the rest of society looks on as though you are a little crazy for taking the path less travelled and also to take a path so different to that indoctrinated in you from your own childhood, but it is at those times that I really try to listen to my inner voice, the one that knows that this path is the right one for me and it really is like taking my own hand and acknowledging that all is well. I don't need other's approval - I just need my own and to listen and trust in that voice - it has guided me well thus far heart emoticon

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