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Sunday, 23 November 2014


This week I have been reflecting on my sweet girl. She composed this beautiful piece herself morphing 'Skinny Love' with her own song that she wrote about her dog 'Lily Dog'. I think for a child who is not yet 8 her music is wonderful! Recently she has been diagnosed with Dyslexia and Irlens - she struggles with reading, writing and spelling. The fact that she is homeschooled means we can focus on the things she loves (like her music). If she wants to play around on her piano all day she can. There are no time limits in our house. I just love to see her passion for learning the things that interest her. They may not interest others but that is ok because what is important is they interest her! What makes me sad though is the thought of others like her in the school system who won't have these opportunities. Instead they will be focusing on what they can't do! Maybe my little girl would not feel so happy in that system where her musical ability would rarely be seen but yet her inability to read would! I think I already know the answer and I feel blessed once more that she is home doing what she loves....

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