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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

25 Random Things About Me!

Well this may tell you a little about me!

1. I was in a children's home until I was 6 months old and then I was adopted by the most wonderful parents
2. I have an adopted older brother who looks like Russell Crowe (well I and many others think so!)
3. One of the biggest achievements in my life was gaining a degree whilst also being a single Mum. It was really hard work, but so worth it.
4. A teacher once told my Mum and Dad I would be lucky if I passed any school exams! I am now a qualified teacher - go figure!
5. I love homeschooling my children.
6. One of the most amazing people in my life is my son who is diagnosed with ADHD/Aspergers. In his 15 years he has struggled against a system that does not recognise difference. He inspires me, constantly challenges me in good ways and is one of the most kindest kids I know!
7. My son became a member of MENSA at age 10.

8. I have a phobia of taking medication - strange but true!
9. My Mum died of cancer when I was 25. I still miss her. She was my best friend and the most important person in my life.
10. I won a gold medal at the NZ Masters Nationals in the 200m backstroke whilst pregnant with my daughter four years ago!
11. I swim 2.5 kilometres 5 mornings a week, wind, rain or shine! It keeps me sane (or thinking I am!)
12. I had my daughter when I was 38 and was classed as a geriatric mother - feel like it at times!
13. Every animal I have ever owned throughout my entire life has been a rescued one
14. I travelled alone around Australia when I was 21 and it was one of the best times of my life

15. I suffer with anxiety and life is sometimes a struggle, but my children make it all worthwhile
16. I found my birth mother a few years ago and I look like her!
17. I have two younger half sisters
18. I lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 6 years
19. I am a neat freak and my mind feels a mess if things are a mess around me - so I like to tidy (or nag others to do so!!
20. The two men in my life are not neat freaks - makes for an explosive household at times!
21. I met my partner when I was at Guildford Tech. He was doing a building course and I was doing a secretarial one. The builders hooked up with the secretaries!
22. I have known my oldest and bestest friend for 38 years and I love her to bits. She has been there with me for many of the good and bad things that have happened over my life.
23. My favourite number is 4 and my favourite colour is pink!
24. I love singing and dancing.
25. The most important thing in my life is being a mother. If I am remembered for anything I would like to be remembered for that.

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